Where is the love?

And by love…I mean sunshine. Damnit I’m sick of being cold. It’s a different cold than the winter months. Of course there’s no comparison to sub-zero temperature. But it’s chilly…and damp. And that can be a wicked concoction. That’s when the flu bugs have a field day. That’s when even your bones feel cold and are asking what the fuck is going on out there.

There’s little sunshine. The furnace is down because it isn’t THAT cold but it is and I just wish my toes would warm up. I want in afternoon in the sun that I end up regretting because my pasty white ass can’t handle more than 30 minutes of direct sunlight realistically, but I don’t really care at this moment because the kids are playing together well, the anti-gravity chair is defying gravity at the moment, and the sun is so hot you can almost hear it. And it sounds so damn good.


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