Parted Lips + Pardons

Call me a sucker. Here it is again; you’re sorry, You’re an asshole, You’ll never do it again, You care, and you do love me. These arguments fit your face so well. Hair-twirling, the wet eyes that grab Everything. Full lips parting and all I can think about is pushing them back. Soon I’ll have […]

Car Repairing.

I was so confident. The Jeep started making this God-awful noise, a rattle almost. I popped the hood, rolled the ol’ sleeves up and had a look. Seemed to be the belt as far as I could tell. The internet told me this was a fairly simple job. Sunday I got up and ran down […]

Where is the love?

And by love…I mean sunshine. Damnit I’m sick of being cold. It’s a different cold than the winter months. Of course there’s no comparison to sub-zero temperature. But it’s chilly…and damp. And that can be a wicked concoction. That’s when the flu bugs have a field day. That’s when even your bones feel cold and […]

Night Terrors.

We were having a bonfire in the backyard. I don’t even recall who “we” was exactly. Then came the sirens, so many of them. So many you knew it wasn’t the random run. We decided to chase, hopping in the car. Every time we seemed to get close, we’d hit a roadblock. The sirens were […]