Teeth Cleaning.

Yesterday I went to have my teeth cleaned by my wife. Ang spent 4 years in dental hygienist school…and after a pretty much nightmare of a job in mobile dentistry after graduating, she finally landed a full-time position in an office 30 minutes from home. She’s been there just about 3 months and loves it.

I suppose you have an idea in your mind what your husband or wife does at work all day, but I think it’s fascinating to see it first hand. As someone who’s employment has been limited to two places…a grocery store and a factory, I think it’s very interesting seeing what others do because let’s face it, they spend as much time there as they do at home…if not more. Ang previously worked as a shift manager at Arby’s, and on two occasions I had the chance to come in after hours and run around like a kid in a toy store…touching everything, sticking my head out the drive-thru window, taking stock in the freezer, wearing the headset. It was FUN. I dreamed of working there. Okay not actually working there…but for like a day, you know? I wanted to make a few sandwiches, drop the fries, stick my head out the drive-thru window (man I loved that thing).

Fast forward to yesterday. Walking in it was…well, like a dentist office. I’m not sure what I expected. But it was so real. And professional. And seeing her room…it warmed my heart. She has a picture of our 3 kids on the counter (not one of me: noted.), her own chair, her tools. She has a window looking out at a tree and the parking lot beyond. It has a television, radio stations, a beautiful wood ceiling. It’s her room. Her space. It’s what she worked for. All those nights up studying, after the kids were tucked into bed and I was falling asleep to Wednesday night baseball, all the mile and a half words and medical terms she had to learn. It all led to her room.

It makes me wonder how many of us find our rooms. I’m honestly not sure if I have yet. Even though I’m happy…I’m still not sure if I’m happy enough to put the kids pictures up yet. But I sure am happy that she has. Love you.


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