Welcome to my website. Here I will talk about things, and you will not listen. Not because you don’t want to, but because you’re not here, are you? No. You’re on some other website punching away on social media I’m sure. Liking, sharing, tweeting, scrolling, tumbling, posting, snapping, trolling.

And that’s quite okay. I would be too if I wasn’t blabbing away on here.

I’m Ryan Vallee. I’m 36, married, I have 3 wonderful children (Fayth, Ava, Ivan). I live in Michigan, born and raised. I work in a stinking factory by day and poet by night. Or try to anyway. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook. I have a book published named ‘Off the Leash’ and honestly don’t think it’s that great, though I loved it at the time. I hope that means I’m growing as an artist, not just that I suck.

I’ve started this blog/site as a practice for my writing, and also as a place to ramble when I don’t feel like doing so creatively.

And I probably love you.




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